Thursday, April 17, 2008


I sure hate animal cruelty, but darnit I love to eat them. I've made attempts on cutting back on red meat for health purposes, but its really hard to not eat fish and poultry. Sorry PETA, I won't buy fur, but I need my milk to go with my cookies!

These were my entries I did on flash for the PETA2 t-shirt contest. However, there is a limit to one entry per person, and I think I got disqualified when they figured out I tried to enter all of them using different emails and names, heh. Oh well, it got me to draw! Woot!

Oh, as for the designs that were chosen to the voting round, you can view and vote for them here


Chanvannark Kath said...

Tu-Anh's finally on the blog. Congratz! The designs look like a lot of fun. Hope to see more great work in the future. I can't wait!

Here's the 411 for the shop

Sun's Donuts
15032 Farnsworth Street
San Leandro, Ca 94579(
510) 614 6934

Food and Drugs said...

I like the angry fish. It's funny