Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finding reasons...

I've realized that a motivation for me to draw is drawing for a purpose. Drawing for someone or something, as a gift or event gives me a deadline to get it done. I had this idea and thought it would make a decent gift for my super-duper talented boyfriend Le Tang for Valentine's Day. This time I had watercolor paper to draw on, but no watercolor paints to use! :P So I used markers yet again!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gosh Darn Buns

Last week some co-workers organized the 4th Lucasfilm Animation Benefit Auction. All proceeds go to AEF/BCEF and this was my first time contributing something to an event! Although it was a short notice, the event turned out great with many talented artists contributing their art, totaling over 70 pieces! This my piece that I created using pen and markers (yeah, I'm old school like that :P)

I was surprised when my piece was one of the 6 items that made it to the live auction! That night the event made a total whopping of $5,020! Yay!

I didn't expect such a positive reaction/feedback for my work! This definitely gave me motivation to draw more! I had so much fun working on this piece and am looking forward to drawing more!