Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Screen Printing Image #2

All righty here's my 2nd image for screen printing. I can't wait for this Saturday to come so I can burn it to the screen and start printing on paper! Yeap, its the same popsicle from my business card. What's hard was transforming the image to strictly just black and white...yet my "popsicle" is actually a chocolate-dipped ice-cream bar...on a stick...yum.

I'm not too happy with this image...but I'm sure later on in time I can make it look better. I decided to make it these colors instead of black and white, even though I will only print it on white using black ink (its the only color I have at the moment). I'm open to any suggestions...please :D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Screen Printing

Screen printing has been something I've wanted to learn for the longest--and I'm finally doing it! I honestly have no idea how it works or the process...but now I do! Right now it seems like a long process, but I'm sure once I do more of this again and again it wont seem too bad. I think the pay off is great! It's my other current fun class I'm taking :D

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do for my first image. Since I was asking Jared for some ideas, an angry squirrel came up to mind! Thanks Jared! :D I've already some prints (that ended being thrown out by someone the following week, boo), so I"m ready for my second image!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I know I should have posted some long ago, but I was never satisfied with my portfolio. My book doesn't give me justice! Why? Mostly because it's not my most recent work. So I decided to fake the funk and slap together images from here and there into backgrounds to a few of them to try and give them this "fresh" and "new" look. Hey, it's better than nothing. ;]

These are really pages out of my "mini-portfolio" that I will carry to Comic-Con with me in case anyone is intereseted in taking a look. They are all 4" x 6" photos that I will place in a photo album.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Natalie's Birthday Gift

For Natalie's birthday, I thought I'd draw for her again. Since I drew a monkey for her last year, I thought of drawing another animal: her boston terrier, Pancha. So I sketched this out late last night on Flash and she loved it! Natalie is actually a very talented girl who I know one day will become a great artist (trust me I've seen her current sketches).


I sure hate animal cruelty, but darnit I love to eat them. I've made attempts on cutting back on red meat for health purposes, but its really hard to not eat fish and poultry. Sorry PETA, I won't buy fur, but I need my milk to go with my cookies!

These were my entries I did on flash for the PETA2 t-shirt contest. However, there is a limit to one entry per person, and I think I got disqualified when they figured out I tried to enter all of them using different emails and names, heh. Oh well, it got me to draw! Woot!

Oh, as for the designs that were chosen to the voting round, you can view and vote for them here

What the!?

How'd I get here?

Well, many great artists (like Cheeks!) told me to do so. So here I am dag-nammit! I'm no writer so I'll keep things short, and do expect grammatical errors! I don't draw as much as I use to anymore, but hopefully this blogger thingymajig will help motivate me to. Jeebus, I never thought I'd become a blogger...ugh...